We partner with organisations around the world that are seeking to accelerate results and enable change through empowering and engaging people to "Go Make A Difference". This requires our talented team of "Thinking Engineers" (yes, it’s a real job title) to design and facilitate a wide range of leadership, innovation and business transformation programmes that are both inspirational and practical in helping people think differently. Most importantly, they get results and that is something we are passionate about - helping our clients achieve measurable differences.

  • Model

    Our Approach

    There are typically 3 process steps comprising 9 elements that enable change within organisations and help our clients to accelerate their results.

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  • Personnel Today Awards 2014 Finalist

    Consultancy of the Year Award

    Finalist in the Personnel Today Awards 2014 for working with our clients to accelerate results and enable change.

  • Framework

    Go M.A.D.® Framework

    Practical results focused tools and techniques to get immediate results.

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  • CIPD

    Supplier of the Year Award

    Recognised for ‘Achieving measurable results’ in our outstanding work with ASICS UK.

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  • iCheev

    Go M.A.D.® Online

    What if you could measurably improve every employees performance, individually?

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