We help accelerate results for award winning brewery

William Everard founded Everards Brewery in 1849. Over 150 years later, it is still a family run company with a vision that echoes that of its founder, to be: ‘A Family Business supporting Great People to run Great Pubs’.

Combining innovation and modern technology with its traditional values, the company has an estate of 166 pubs and brews quality award-winning ales. Everards Brewery has been the winner of the prestigious The Publican’s Pub Company of the Year Award on many occasions.

A new Managing Director, Stephen Gould was appointed and joined the company at a time of great change: part of the business was being sold; there was a downturn in the cask ale market and a new senior management team had just been appointed.

Working with ThinkOn, Stephen organised a business improvement programme which directly involved over 40 per cent of the total Everard’s workforce in making a measurable difference and led to the development of an award winning, solution focused culture.

The Challenge

A family run business, with a heritage of over 150 years, introduced a new senior management team at a time of market challenges and organisational change.

The Leadership team needed a programme that would develop their thinking skills and instil a shared way of doing things in the business.

A sustainable, measurable system that could be role modelled from the top and cascaded throughout the organisation to create cultural change.

The Solution

  • ThinkOn facilitated a three-day team development session for the senior management team which introduced them to the ThinkOn System and developed their coaching skills.
  • Each was tasked with a 90-day challenge, to be held accountable to each other for as part of a buddy coaching system. This was followed by a one-day vision and values workshop from which a revised vision and set of values was established.
  • The ThinkOn System was then rolled out to the next two leadership levels, which led to over 40 per cent of the workforce becoming trained in the daily application of Solution Focused Thinking. Cross-divisional working was introduced which led to creativity and innovation in line with Everard’s values.

Differences made

The results have been to create cultural transformation by starting with the personal development of Everard’s leaders. This improved performance and led the company to win The Publican’s Pub Company of the Year for a number of years.

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