Advanced Skills Programme

  • Imagine thinking with greater speed, clarity, creativity and consistency.
  • Imagine improving your business results, achieving your goals and saving time and money in the process.
  • Imagine harnessing the power of a shared thinking system so everybody can make an even greater difference.

This four-day development workshop will help you to develop and apply the Results Focused Thinking system adopted by successful people worldwide.

This programme is aimed at senior managers, key decision makers, influencers and those responsible for creating and role modelling a responsibility culture within their organisation or business unit.

Over the course of the initial four days, the researched ThinkOn® Results Framework will be experienced, embedded and applied by delegates to enable them to make significant measurable differences to:

  • Themselves – by increasing personal effectiveness in making business and personal differences.
  • Others – by applying proven coaching tools and techniques to guide anyone through a structured approach to solving problems and defining solutions.
  • Their organisation – by examining key business processes and highlighting the significant improvements that can be made by using tried and tested techniques.

Following fourteen months of original UK based research, we created a simple to understand and easy to use framework that is internationally recognised as the DNA of success. Having a clear vision of making this framework accessible guided us to produce exercises, tools and techniques that consistently guarantee results. We then designed this programme for managers and leaders to enable them to develop new skills and enhance those they have already, enabling them to make a significant return on their development investment.

Previous results delegates attending this programme have achieved include:

  • Increasing product sales by 46% against an industry average of 8-10%.
  • Adding £1.5 million to company profits in a nine month period.
  • Transforming organisations to enable a responsibility culture to be embedded.
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of senior management meetings, improving outcomes and saving time and money.
  • Strengthening employee engagement through cross-functional coaching.

What differences could you make by developing a results focused mind-set?

By attending this programme you will learn:

  • The seven key principles and eleven critical links that are the DNA of success.
  • What Results Focused Thinking is, how to do it and its four key benefits.
  • The Classic Coaching route applied by leading coaches internationally.
  • Two High Quality Questioning Techniques to engage the imagination and focus the mind.
  • How to calculate the probability of success for any task, goal or project …
  • … and how to effectively analyse why previous improvements have not been made.
  • How Situational Thinking will help you decide what differences you should be making.
  • The four goal defining techniques used by the top 0.1% of achievers.
  • The power of self-talk and how it will affect your outcomes.
  • How to recognise limiting belief statements and consider a more helpful approach.
  • The ten possibility areas that help successful people generate creative solutions
  • The ‘Bubble’ approach to generating vast quantities of ideas.
  • Six further approaches to designing creative high quality coaching questions.
  • Easy to apply project preparation tools.
  • The four thinking components that will significantly enable your success.

Venue and Investment Costs

Go MAD Thinking, Pocket Gate Farm, Off Breakback Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire LE12 8RS. £2,500+VAT including all course materials and post course support.

Accommodation (Leicestershire)

We are within three miles of J23 of the M1 and five miles from Loughborough. Accommodation can be arranged for delegates at local B&B’s.

To ensure a high quality of learning, each programme is restricted to twelve delegates, so if you are ready to learn and apply the benefits of over 4,000 hours of research we recommend you reserve your place now, as demand is always high for this premier programme. To reserve your place call us on 01509 891313 or e-mail