Ten quick tips for getting your thinking right at times of change

think right

When going through change it can be easy to focus on the actions needed to get the desired results. Taking a step back and considering the thinking that will help deal with or manage the change will lead to better or different actions and improved results. Here are 10 quick tips to get you thinking about this.

1. Notice your thinking about the change – is it helpful or hindering? If it’s hindering what else could you possibly think that would be more helpful?

2. Focus on resolving challenges as opposed to dwelling on problems. It’s natural for hindering thinking to come into your head; it’s what you do with it then that makes the difference.

3. Consider the risks and implications of hanging on to hindering thinking. The likely outcome is that you will get what you focus on.

4. Remember you have a choice. A choice about what you think and how you might choose to change that thinking.

5. Establish the sources of your thinking. Assess whether it is based on assumptions about the change, driven by your beliefs or based on the facts of what is happening.

6. Recognise the benefits of seeing things in a more positive light.

7. Decide to help yourself feel better. If you have lots of hindering thinking about the change then you are going to feel uncomfortable and negative about it. Decide that you would rather enjoy your time at work and take control.

8. Observe the helpful thinking you have in place about the future change. Take some time to focus on that and build on it to replace any hindering thinking.

9. Identify the helpful thinking that you want to introduce. What could you possibly say to yourself, what questions could you possibly ask yourself, what memories could you possibly recall and what future could you possibly imagine that would lead to helpful thinking about the change.

10. Consciously work on your thinking. Catch any hindering thinking and make changes by replacing words and altering the messages you are giving yourself.

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