Our Discovery Days

  • Imagine thinking with greater speed, clarity, creativity and consistency.
  • Imagine improving your business results, achieving your goals and saving time and money in the process.
  • Imagine harnessing the power of a shared thinking system so everybody can make an even greater difference.

Thinking about the future is central to corporate success and the bottom line

A Forward Thinking Report published by the IoD quotes that more than 500,000 UK businesses do not plan for forward thinking at all. The bottom line for forward thinking is whether or not it adds value or reduces risk to a company’s performance.

We are passionate about making a difference to how people and organisations think. We would like to invite you to attend our Discovery Day aimed at enhancing the thinking skills of Directors and Senior Managers.

This event will be highly pragmatic, where you can confidentially apply your thinking and learning to your own business challenges. It will comprise of a series of high impact and thought provoking sessions delivered by our Founding Director, Andy Gilbert.

During the course of the event you will:

  • Learn the principles of what people naturally do when making a difference and achieving success.
  • Explore the components of Solution Focused Thinking.
  • Apply tools and techniques to help address your own business challenges.
  • Network with other senior level executives.

By the end of the day you will have applied the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework to real issues and successfully identified at least 20 possible ways to move your organisation or department forward. You will have an increased awareness of how thinking can impact on performance and a new set of tools to help implement enhanced thinking within your organisation.


How do we make a difference?

The Go M.A.D.® Results Framework is the result of more than 4,000 hours of research, which identified the key success principles that people naturally apply when making a difference and achieving desired results. In essence, we pieced together the DNA pattern of how to make a measurable difference.

Over the past 18 years our clients have experienced a number of tangible benefits from applying the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework. The list of applications are endless from increased profits, reduced costs, focused leadership thinking, improved workforce productivity, to raising staff morale and employee engagement scores.

These differences are achieved because after understanding the Framework and applying a few simple working practices, people begin to feel empowered and more confident in their decision making. Very often people have a ‘break through’, they become aware of what tangible things they can do to make a difference straight away. Most importantly, people begin to stop and think more deeply and consider the many possibilities before jumping straight into action.

Who should attend these events?

The Discovery Day is aimed at Director and Senior Management level people. The Go M.A.D.® Results Framework can be universally applied to solve every challenge that faces any department (e.g. Operations, Governance, HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing).

Where and when are the events taking place?

The Discovery Sessions take place at our Head Office near Loughborough, Leicestershire. The day commences at 10.00am and concludes at 4:30pm. Lunch and light refreshments are provided.

Alternatively, if you have a number of leaders and managers who would like to realise how we can make big differences to your organisation, then please call a member of the team to arrange your free in-house Discovery Session.

How do I reserve my place?

To reserve your free place simply e-mail or call us with your chosen date and learn how this simple yet diverse framework can make measurable differences to your organisation. Spaces are limited so we invite you to book early to secure your place.

To reserve your place call us on 01509 891313 or email us at info@gomadthinking.com