Our world

How it all began…

if you go down to the woods today, you'll discover where our story began in the late nineties

In 1998 one man posed a rather big question:

What is the simplest way of explaining the success principles that people naturally apply when making a difference?

The man posing the question was Andy Gilbert.

And why was he asking it?

Andy believed with a passion that there must be a clear and powerful connection between thinking, acting on those thoughts and the results that follow.


He envisaged a world where everyone appreciated that the better the thinking, the greater the results. At this stage, he had no idea what the answer was, but he was determined to find out.

And so, with a team of researchers and an inquisitive mind, a phenomenological (oh yes indeed) research study was undertaken. Andy asked lots of people how they made a difference (M.A.D.) and achieved success.

The study lasted over 14 months and included 4,000 hours of interviews.  All types of differences were identified – some large, some small. Some were business focused, others personal. The results were staggering and yet wonderfully simple. This groundbreaking research came to the defining conclusion that, if you apply seven key principles, you will dramatically accelerate the results you achieve.

This led to the development of a gamechanging results framework and a practical set of tools that anyone could easily learn and apply to increase their possibility of success.


Andy wrote a best selling book “The Art of Making a Difference” followed by another and another.  He realised that he had developed an operating system for the brain that’s intuitive to use and easy to understand. The challenge was then to take this way of thinking and use it to help all types of organisations to drive change and accelerate results.

The Go MAD Thinking range of development materials and business improvement programmes was developed to help organisations improve their productivity and effectiveness.  For leaders we have a great “Lead & Role Model” programme designed to align teams and develop strategic thinking in a series of 90 day challenges with a measurable R.O.I.

And now we are working with leading organisations in over 40 countries. In each case, the Go MAD Thinking methodology helps them to change the way they think about everything, to inspire and engage their people and to enjoy impressive results.

When we ask people how many IT systems their organisation has, they usually groan and reply “too many!”  Then when we ask how many “Thinking Systems” their organisation has, after a lengthy pause, they typically say “as many as we have people!”  So what if you could have a single, shared, solution focused thinking system for the whole organisation?  Imagine the impact on efficiency and productivity ………

We believe passionately about doing things differently – we’ll share all of our Thinking System with you so you know how to create the magic for yourselves. We’ll help you become self sufficient Go MAD Thinking Ninjas so that your capability and results sky rocket. And finally we’ll support you with a range of Go MAD Thinking online tools so that you can be 100% sustainable, making us redundant very, very quickly. But still remain our very good friend of course!

Just like all of our wonderful clients who are currently making amazing things happen all over the world. Want to chat with one of them? Just ask us to put you in touch.

So, this is our story so far. We have some big plans for our next chapter.
We’d love to help you to write yours too.