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HomeServe acquired the property repair company Reparalia in 2007 to complement HomeServe Iberica. Go MAD Thinking has been working with Reparalia since April 2011.

Here is what Chief Executive of Reparalia, H Stephen Phillips has to say about the solutions provided by Go MAD Thinking and the differences made.

“I attended a Strategic Thinking seminar delivered by Go MAD Thinking because I was looking for a way to supercharge our ability to open our thinking and execute strategic initiatives more effectively.

After attending myself, I thought it important that the Senior Management Team be aligned in our thinking. We were looking for a way to exceed our growth expectations, reduce risk and motivate the Organisation. Therefore we had Go MAD Thinking come out to Spain and spend several days working with our senior team. That meant the entire team who were leading growth and change in the Organisation were aligned.

Following this programme the most noticeable difference is how we approach obstacles and opportunities. There is no guess work anymore about where to start, no more anxiousness about potential possibilities we haven’t considered, how to achieve our goals or how to align ourselves towards the goal. We are now faster to market and frequently exceed our own goals and expectations.

Of the five layers in our organization, Go M.A.D.® programmes have now been successfully rolled out to four of them. All of them like the Framework and have used it from day one to set new goals for themselves and their teams. It is not uncommon to pass a conference room and see people using the Framework to tackle an issue or opportunity and even their presentations are clearer. Clarity and buy-in is the key. When an organisation at all layers can clearly understand how we are going to achieve something, what their role is and what is in it for them, they are much more motivated and the results come faster; sometimes even bigger than expected.

The Go MAD team were quick to understand our organization and help everyone to understand how to use the Go M.A.D.® tools in their day to day. They are very effective and even crossed cultural and linguistic boundaries. They are a great group of people who don’t abandon you after the program is over; they continually check in and provide support.”