How to save time & money by managing organisational change effectively

by Andy Gilbert & Jo Hutchinson


Practical advice and clear explanations for managers to help themselves and others make a difference by effectively handling people’s reactions to organisational change and restructuring.

Based on over 20 years of research and consultation in 40 countries, you will discover;

  • The ‘secret’ about transition vs change
  • The 3 main actions for managers to take when managing change
  • The 3 stage process individuals need to adapt to imposed change
  • The 4 underlying causes of a negative reaction to change
  • The 5 organisational factors which have the greatest impact on employee morale
  • The 5 key questions to ask to help others accept the need for change
  • The 5 organisational factors which are most likely to help or hinder people during change
  • A powerful framework for making a difference

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