Thinking Zone

Creative Thinking

This is a really fun way of generating ideas using hundreds of pictures and creative questions to stimulate your thinking. The pictures appear in a random order, so if you ask other people to help you generate ideas they are likely to get completely different questions, which will help them to think about completely different ideas.

Question Library

Here are hundreds of questions on a wide range of topics—all designed to stimulate your thinking. Each topic is broken into a range of subtopics, with several questions for you to choose from. Notice how the topics are grouped into themes, including: ‘Home’ and ‘Working With Others’. Exploring questions in other related areas might help you to think wider about what you are seeking to achieve.

10 Possibilty Areas

Switch between these areas to see a range of possibilities. There is no set order, although if you are dealing with an issue or problem it might help to start with obstacles, otherwise tasks is a good place to start.