Our new Go MAD Thinking Accelerator Group (TAG)

Welcome to Go MAD’s new Thinking Accelerator Group.
This is a hidden page so the chances are you have received a personal invitation to consider being part of something special.

So what is the Thinking Accelerator Group?

Is it a new combination of executive coaching?
Is it a Thinktank?
An innovation group maybe?
A sounding board?
Could it be a 12 month development programme?
Well in fact it is all of these and possibly more.

So please take a look at our intro video and choose if you want to accept or decline the invitation to join our dynamic and exciting Thinking Accelerator Group;

50 senior leaders, all with experience of using the Go MAD methodology, will get together at our farm HQ in sunny Leicestershire. On the first Tuesday of a month, four times a year, typically in ever-changing groups of 6-12 people, the network will refresh their Go MAD Thinking skills, work together on key business issues and create thinking breakthroughs.
I will personally facilitate this group, providing additional support and 1-1 coaching.

Of course there is a cost (much lower than you might think) and of course you will receive our full satisfaction guarantee.

If you are interested in, taking quality time out to think and, being stimulated by a strong network of solution-focused thinkers, please call me on 01509 891313 for more details or email me to arrange a chat.

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Keep making a difference.
Andy Gilbert
Founder & developer of Go MAD Thinking