Who owns employee engagement in your organisation?

Rob Huntington continues sharing his thoughts on the topic of employee engagement and offers the next in a series of blogs for Senior Managers who truly want to make a difference. He explores who owns engagement, and offers six great tips to help you improve employee engagement in your organisation.

If I came into your organisation and asked your people, who took responsibility for employee engagement, what answer would I get?
•    The Human Resources Department?
•    The Senior Leadership Team?
•    My Manager?
•    The Employee Engagement Action Team?
•    How many people would say that they were also responsible?

Sometimes managers can find ‘engagement’ a little overwhelming. They don’t want to ‘engage’ with engagement as they see it as too soft and not measureable, and someone else’s job.  If people have a greater self-awareness of the choices they can make in terms of their mind-set and thinking, and the impact those choices can have on those around them, you will get a personal responsibility culture.  So, here are six tips that will help both you and those that work for and around you, to take greater personal responsibility for employee engagement.

1.    As a leader, consider your thinking, behaviour and actions.  Identify anything that could impact adversely on the people you lead. Do you ever come across as unwilling or unable to take personal responsibility? Take action to address this.

2.    Challenge those who can influence others to make a difference. They can lead the way to show others how to take responsibility for their own engagement.

3.    Build personal responsibility into your values and competency frameworks.

4.    Notice how often you or others say, “I don’t have enough time”.  People have choices about how they spend their time and sometimes managers steal their time.  This could be through ineffective meetings, excessive bureaucracy, red tape or politics.  Look back over your last week and ask yourself, “How much time did I steal from my team?” Define yourself a goal about how you can give them that time back this week. It will probably be the greatest gift they receive this week (unless it’s their birthday!).

5.    Show your employees that you care for them.  Take a minute to have a chat, ask them how their family are doing, how they are doing and are they happy with their work?  They will feel valued.

6.    Create a mind-set of a genuine team.  Encourage a culture where everyone who touches a piece of work, owns the whole outcome, not just their piece of it.  This will help people think in terms of the whole and not just the pieces.

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