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Our big MAD audacious goal is:


To help 100 million people have 'Light Bulb Moments'

by 18th May 2023


What is a 'Light Bulb Moment'?

A Light Bulb Moment is a 'breakthrough in thinking'. We define a Light Bulb Moment as three things; a moment of clarity, a brand new idea or a sudden realisation. This will allow and inspire a person or team to move forward and make progress. 


Why is this important to the world?

Well, we believe that the quality of people’s thinking determines their actions, results and wellbeing. So, by developing and enabling people (either in communities or organisations) to think more effectively they will achieve and contribute better results quicker and more easily.



  • If you too believe that improved thinking could be the difference to unlocking potential in a person or project, get in touch now for a conversation on how we can support you.



Our mission is to build partnerships with people and organisations who are passionate about helping people succeed and make a positive difference in the world.




If you could be one of the following, we’d love to hear from you:

  • A Light Bulb Moment 'Visionary'

– “This person, or organisation, wants to make a large contribution of at least 1 million Light Bulb Moments and as part of this at least 4 major impact projects.

A Visionary will see a way to apply the Go MAD frameworks and tools to make a significant difference in their sphere of influence.

They will lead and influence people to help them achieve this difference.

Go MAD through regional Co-ordinators will support them in this goal.”

If you could be a Light Bulb Moment Visionary, we’d love to talk to you!


  • A Light Bulb Moment 'Champion'

– “Champions will be vital in spreading the word, helping create excitement around making the world a brighter place. A Champion will have a great network – be it through social media or traditional networks that will stimulate interest from people who want to make a difference and support the LBM movement.”

If you could be a Light Bulb Moment Champion, we’d love to talk to you!


  • A Light Bulb Moment 'Partner'

– “A successful ‘Movement’ needs Partners, as they will bring additional resources to help realise the Light Bulb Moment vision.

A Partner will be able to offer support – this may be some of their staff time and/or expertise. It may be helping to translate and reproduce materials or connect people.

This may support their own CSR programme or it may be that by working together we can help to make a difference for their customers.”

If you could be a Light Bulb Moment Partner, we’d love to talk to you!


  • For more information or to have a conversation about how you could help, however big or small, please do get in touch.


Conversations with potential partners passionate about helping people have Light Bulb Moments have already started:

  • Designing a personal ‘coaching’ app with a German software company aiming to inspire higher quality thoughts with interactive daily nudges.
  • A global finance company wants us to help provide millions of customers with a set of tools to help them ‘think bigger’ about their finances.
  • Community projects in schools from Leicester to Newcastle (UK) inspiring children to be better problem-solvers by naturally going in search of solutions using a variety of simple, practical tools.

We’re passionate about improving people’s thinking and our purpose is:


To improve the world through better thinking.


Enabling behaviour change; 

giving people choices about how they think

with practical tools that guarantee

better actions and better results.


Developing forward-thinking organisations

and enlightened leaders who are

passionate about enabling change

to happen more effectively and sustainably.


Working with visionary partners,

to make a large-scale* difference

by helping their customers or communities

have Light Bulb Moments.



An original research study totalling over 4,000 hours of interviews and desk research sought to discover and explain in the simplest possible way:


“What are the key success principles that people naturally apply when making a difference (M.A.D.)?”

This lead to the development of a results framework and a practical set of tools that anyone can easily learn and consciously apply to increase their probability of success – from an 8 year old child listening to the story of “Gilbert Filbert & His Big MAD Box” to Alan, a retired University Lecturer of 82 attending a Results Accelerator Programme in order to achieve his dream of bringing the TEDx franchise to his home city and hosting an inspirational day for 500 people in his community.




  • If these tools could help you or somebody you know, then don’t hesitate, get in touch!


The Go MAD® Thinking methodology, developed by Andy Gilbert and his team, has been used in over 40 countries across the world to help organisations, teams, communities and individuals enable change and achieve more. We specialise in enabling and empowering people to learn and apply practical tools that Make A Difference through innovation breakthroughs, greater leadership skills and improved performance.



This unique approach can be applied to any person, in any position, and is proven to equip people with the skills and powerful tools to achieve a wide range of personal and business goals, ensuring they focus on solutions and accelerate their results. Not once - forever!


  • For more information or to have a conversation about how you could help, however big or small, please do get in touch.




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