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We build partnerships with forward-thinking organisations and enlightened leaders who are passionate about enabling change to happen quicker and easier.

“Is this you?”

Our vision of helping 100 million people to have “Light-bulb Moments” by 18th May 2023 is one GIANT task. Read more about our vision and goals.

“How much of a difference could you make to this vision?”


At Go M.A.D.® Thinking, we’re not just passionate about improving operation performance productivity... 

we’re determined to improve the lives of people for good through better thinking.  To make a significant difference on the world, we are teaming up with value-driven partners who can, in turn, help to spread the word, stimulate better thinking and inspire people from all walks of life to go make a difference.

By 18th May 2019, we will have identified and formed strategic partnerships to make this happen over the following 4 years.  From Education, Healthcare and Financial Services to Telecoms, Media and Utility Partners, we achieve your vision in return for you helping us to achieve ours.




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