Vision & Values


Our Purpose:

To make the world a brighter place.


Helping people have Light Bulb Moments;

to think differently, to take action and

to go make a difference (Go M.A.D.).


Developing forward-thinking organisations

and enlightened leaders who are

passionate about enabling change

to happen quicker and more easily.


Sharing our practical methodology, that is

proven to accelerate results.


Our Vision:

Our big MAD audacious goal is to help

100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment

by 18th May 2023.


Our Values:

  • Challenging – We challenge ourselves, clients and partners to improve performance, to go beyond being good and aspire to being great. We confront issues appropriately and are open to being challenged.

  • Results focused – We focus on solutions and role model applying the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework to help ourselves, clients and partners achieve greater success.

  • Inspiring – We inspire people to make a difference, to have the courage to think bigger, better and bolder and take personal responsibility for making it happen.

  • Straightforward – We provide simple explanations, communicate clearly and are easy to work with.
  • Passionate – We care passionately about making a difference and the work we do to help people have Light Bulb Moments.


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