Accelerating Results

Accelerating Results


We all know that organisations are continually looking for ways to do more with less, discover the next big thing and do it more quickly than their competitors. Keeping ahead of the game is now the prerequisite for actually staying in the game and delivering stakeholder value. The only problem with this is, all too often, organisations are not set up in a way that truly helps them capitalise on their full potential.

Timothy Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Tennis, put it brilliantly when he argued that to unlock true potential you need to remove the ‘interference’ – the stuff that gets in the way. He summarised it in this powerful equation;


where Pe is your performance, Po is the potential and I is the interference itself.


Of course interference doesn’t just cause inertia, it has a cost attached to it too. A cost that often remains hidden and, left unchecked, can result in serious consequences for any organisation. Download our white paper to discover more about why organisations fail to deliver this potential.




So, if you want to get better results faster, you need to eliminate the interference. And the biggest source of interference is often the way people think. Simply put, the results people get arrive from the actions they take, and the actions they take are totally informed by the way they think. 


So if you want to see better results you have to start with better thinking. For over 20 years we have been sharing our proven thinking system and results framework to help organisations do just that.


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