Accelerating Results

Asics UK Case Study


Asics UK is part of a global corporation producing a market leading brand of sports shoes, clothing and accessories. The organisation’s overall mission is to become the number one brand for the sports enthusiast by building its technological advances and continuing to make the best products. Our work with Asics UK resulted in Go M.A.D.® Thinking being highly commended at the CIPD People Management awards 2013 for ‘Achieving measurable results.’

The challenge

Following a restructure, Asics UK asked Go M.A.D.® to work with all levels of the business to develop a new vision for the company and drive employee engagement.

The solution

Workshop groups established for the Senior Management Team, Sales Teams, Head Office Managers and Head Office Employees.

The first workshop with the Senior Management Team facilitated the creation of the vision for the UK Business.

During a two-day workshop, coaching sessions were used within the Sales Teams and Head Office Managers groups to identify goals related to the new company vision. Both groups agreed a 90-day team and individual challenges which would make a difference to the day-to-day performance of the business. Progress was reviewed after 45 days and the results assessed on completion of the 90-day challenge.

Head Office staff participated in two, half-day workshops during which they were coached using the Go M.A.D.® Framework and tool kit. Delegates individually defined goals linked to achieving the company vision.

Lisa Rankin, HR Manager

“The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive growth plans. The change in mind-set for some people has been quite radical and has even helped to improve people’s lives outside of work. This is the beauty of Go M.A.D.®; whilst it helps the business to deliver its objectives, the business also gives back something to the employees with the tools and techniques learned.”

The programmes have provoked people to think, ultimately helping us to drive growth plans.

Lisa Rankin, HR Manager, Asics UK

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