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Tell us what you want, what you really really want. If that includes a D.I.Y licensing option, then that is what we’ll provide. We can train trainers to deliver our 1 day “Getting The Results You Want” programme and the 3 day “Results Acceleration Programme” including the set-up, facilitation and measurement of 60 and 90-day Go M.A.D.® challenges. Managers can also be trained and accredited as Go M.A.D. coaches and expert meeting facilitators.

Our development and productivity programmes are supported by a large online resource library including over 200 audio and video modules, workbooks and a situational judgement test to assess how you think for yourself, help individuals to think (coaching) and help teams to think (facilitation). These materials can also be licensed for use on existing programmes or as part of a new approach.

If you are looking to make a massive difference, perhaps as part of a cultural transformation or ambitious growth plan, then you should definitely talk with us about a Partner Freedom Licence.

This is an innovative and cost effective way of enabling clients to use, customise and embed our intellectual property within their organisations at all levels (and potentially with customers) as a shared Thinking and Productivity Framework. Can you feel a conversation to explore possibilities coming on?

Real life feedback

“It’s great. I really like the video and worksheet combination - enjoyable and engaging packed with lots of good content. Having used the Go MAD methodology for over 10 years, these online programmes in bite-size chunks now enable me to equip a much wider audience with the knowledge and skills to improve their personal and team performance.” 

- Judith Lyons, HR Director, Boots Contract Manufacturing

“The advice given in each episode is timeless. If you’ve found yourself promoted into a management or leadership position but haven’t been given the training, support or coaching you need to be successful in your new role, this is the podcast for you. The short, punchy episodes tackle a range of management and leadership topics, giving the listener 3 practical takeaways to put into practice straight away.” 

- Fay Wallis, Career Coach, Founder/Director of Bright Sky HR


Case Study



Matalan faced challenges around the development of their Head Office and Retail Store Managers’ engagement and leadership styles. An employee of Matalan was licensed by us to deliver a Solution Focused Thinking programme so that they could use our intellectual property to embed practical results focused thinking tools into the company, deliver the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 5 award/ certificate to Head Office and provide a three day coaching programme to 225 Store Managers, Deputy Managers, Visual Merchandising and Human Resources personnel.

The challenge

Areas in which challenges arose: Employee engagement, development of key people in the business, leadership style and knowledge, cross functional growth and movement of small teams within the company therefore bringing people off-station was difficult.

The solution

One day modules to fit with the ILM level 5 award/certificate. These were designed by both us and Karen, the Learning and Development Manager at Matalan.

Karen was licensed to deliver the Go M.A.D.® Solution Focused Thinking System (SFTS), by attending and then leading and delivering a pilot group for a three day coaching program.

The handing over of the program from the external Thinking Engineer to the internal trainer removed long term reliance on external support and ensured that the program was customised to Matalan.

Under the licensing agreement, Karen trained 225 Matalan store managers in Go M.A.D.® coaching and personal effectiveness and 36 head office managers through the ILM level 5 modules.


Julia Blomley, HR Controller

“I think it’s more than met the original objectives, I think it’s exceeded everybody’s expectations on what was possible…we’ve got people working so differently, we’ve seen dramatic changes in people, big transformations. It’s more than delivered."

Karen Poynton, Learning and Development Manager

"The biggest noticeable difference was the change in behaviours. Having worked with the population before and listening to the feedback, there was a definite difference in what they were saying in terms of how their teams were performing, how their teams were sharing information and collaborating with each other."

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