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What is your definition of “innovation”?

Ours is: “Fresh thinking that adds value”.

The Go M.A.D.® (Make A Difference) Results Framework can be easily applied as a six step innovation process model to:

  1. Define goals and clarify strength of reason why
  2. Involve others to gain insight and add value
  3. Generate ideas & possibilities
  4. Prioritise
  5. Take action
  6. Measure results

People love the possibility thinking aspect of the Go M.A.D. methodology as this is often the catalyst for many light bulb moments. However, it is important to remember that thoughts need to be turned into actions, and that those actions need to add value. Hence we commonly use 30, 60 and 90-day Go M.A.D. challenges to ensure this happens.

Our Big Breakthrough workshops (1-3 days) and Results Acceleration Programmes (60-90 days) are two of the ways we facilitate and train teams to develop fresh thinking that adds value.


Whatever type of innovation (incremental, disruptive or breakthrough) you are seeking to achieve, don’t hesitate to call us or have your brain cells stimulated at one of our popular Productivity and Change Excellence workshops - FREE for Leaders.

Real life feedback

“For  two years I led on the merger of specialist operations teams across four police forces:  Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Northants.  With considerable pressure on police budgets we had to find new, more innovative and more efficient ways of working.  With a shared budget of approximately £35 m and over 750 staff/officers our aim was to integrate specialist functions such as Armed Policing, Roads Policing, Tactical Support, Dogs and Serious Collision Investigation to create fully interoperable and shared teams across the region.


Prior to attendance on the Go M.A.D. Programme and a subsequent Go M.A.D. Innovation Programme I believe my approach to this problem would have been less inclusive, less innovative and much more directive - running the risk of leaving my teams behind and driving straight through the middle of the model: i.e. Goals, Action and Review without thinking about who to involve, all the possibilities and options, and how we, together, might achieve these.


Through use of the Results Framework and a lot of the tools I learnt on the innovation programme we went through dozens of innovation / thinking events where all 750 staff and officers could attend.  They submitted thousands of ideas and new ways to look at our operating model. The learning from the course helped me look at the igniting purpose and goal that we would all strive for, consider the expectations of my team and how they could hold me to account.


A year ahead of schedule, we achieved a collaborative working model that came together with a positive feel from my officers and staff, with performance outstripping anything we predicted as well as being better than when we operated as four forces.  We also took out the best part of £7m in efficiency savings (cashable).


The Go M.A.D. Results Framework should not be seen as a mutually exclusive model but one that brings balance and rigour to your methodology.  The 'who could I possibly involve' element makes you think hard about this and how others might contribute to your work. This aspect also meant we took our staff and officers with us on the journey and we rode out the change curve together, building a positive culture and one that took great pride in saying "we did this ourselves". 

- Chris Haward, Assistant Chief Constable, Derbyshire Police and former Head of East Midlands Operational Support Services


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