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Developing, facilitating and challenging leaders (at all levels) to go make a difference (Go M.A.D.®) is one of our key passions and what we do best. This can range from a half day “Lead & Role model” workshop for 6 people, to an all-singing all-dancing global development programme for the top 500 leaders in a 50,000 person organisation.

We use the Go M.A.D. Results Framework to help clearly define your goals, understand the reason why and explore possible ways of designing a solution or programme that involves and engages leaders in taking personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions/behaviours and results. Key to this is engaging and empowering leaders to apply the Go M.A.D. Results Framework to a series of 60 & 90-day sponsored challenges – either individually or in teams.

With a range of online and off line support tools, including regular reviews to measure results, the impact and R.O.I sometimes has to be seen to be believed.



Evolving from the Results Framework, the Go M.A.D. Leadership Development Framework is also used with senior teams to check and ensure clarity of vision, alignment of responsibilities, assessment of culture development of managers and engagement of people.

This, when combined with a “Thinking Effectiveness Audit” (based on observing, assessing and providing feedback on the quality of questions designed and used) of leadership meetings, can produce a highly customised development plan for an Executive or senior team.

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Real life feedback

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“I've enjoyed and benefited from many leadership development, coaching and management courses from being a Sales Manager to a Managing Director.  But after 15 years, I keep coming back to the Go M.A.D. Results Framework.  It's got the lot. The framework, the methodology and the toolbox to help individuals focus on getting the results they want.”

- Suzanne Grant, Managing Director, Hollister UK & I Region



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“I was sceptical when the HR folks said that Go MAD was the best training they ever had. Since then, I went MAD, removed my negative thinking and agree that Go MAD Thinking is the most valuable training that I have received in my 6 years at GE, so you can see how important Go MAD is relative to other important tools like CECOR and 6-Sigma.”

– Eric Agdeppa, Global Molecular Imaging Scientist, GE Healthcare

“I have used the Go MAD Solution Focused Thinking model for over 10 years now and have achieved great personal and business success with it. In recent years I have used the model more as a coaching tool and for the development of my management team.  My personal ambition of high achievement and the importance of achieving through others  and the delivery of their personal development drove me to consolidate and further improve my coaching and problem solving experience.” 

– Bob Howe, Factory Manager, British Sugar


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