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Productivity and continuous improvement starts in the head! Improve the thinking and you will improve the results. Here are five ways we help our clients to have light bulb moments:

  1. “Getting The Results You Want” – a 1 day workshop for 6-200 people that provides a practical introduction to the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework and core thinking tools (supported by 18 video modules).
  2. “Results Acceleration Programme” – typically a 6 month programme for 12-15 managers focused on delivering business impact and R.O.I. Participants acquire the Go M.A.D. Thinking toolkit and apply it to a range of sponsored business challenges. Progress is reviewed every 30-45 days with new challenges every 60-90 days.
  3. “Thinking Effectiveness Audits” – observation and feedback to improve the quality of thinking undertaken and outputs achieved in executive and senior management meetings.
  4. “Peak Performance Profiling” – analysis of how your key role high performers think. Understand their patterns and share these to improve productivity of others.
  5. “Pre-project Planning” – facilitated application of the Go M.A.D. methodology will help a team to gain clarity, consider possibilities and develop a more robust, well thought through plan of priorities. A greater investment in upfront quality thinking before a project starts will save time and money over the course of the project.



Go M.A.D. methodology is compatible and adds value to other continuous improvement and operational excellence approaches including Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma.

If you are a business leader responsible for improving productivity then please get in touch. Our FREE Productivity and Change Excellence workshops are a perfect way to help you understand more and experience some of our methodology before making a financial investment.


Real life feedback








“The impact of this work has cut across individuals, teams and organisational processes. Our evaluation shows that the broad impact has been on staff confidence, wellbeing, goal setting and ability to manage teams. It has helped teams to link their goals to the organisation’s wider business planning which has increased engagement and confidence to offer ideas.

The biggest change that we have seen, and one of the reasons we brought the Frameworks in, is the focus it gives us. We now explicitly value the thinking time in checking that our goal matters and is shared and that there is significant self-belief before we progress. And, we have the tools to address issues where these key principles aren’t in place. We are also much more confident to stop projects or meetings that are not fulfilling a purposeful goal and to use the Frameworks to think this through together constructively”

Sarah Dexter-Smith, Director of Therapies, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust



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“We reviewed the results of our 90 day challenge and 25 people have delivered over US$5m in full year savings, claiming the challenge changed their THINKING, improved collaboration, drove accountability and had a noticeable impact on the results they achieved.  We’re ahead of plan 3 months in and with 15 more freshly-trained leaders on board, our collective mission is now to crush Q2!” “Following our Q3 Go MAD 90 Day Challenge, 61 people delivered a whopping $8.5m in full year savings and identified $1m in new ideas.

I think the Go MAD tools are complementary to any other C.I. tools as they provide additional structure and focus to drive results. They are more action oriented in my opinion (not that DMAIC isn’t but the framework pushes you to action in a different way) and are applicable to anything, whereas C.I. tools tend to fit certain situations. I have never heard C.I. tools mention confidence and reason why whereas Go M.A.D. goes all the way back to thinking versus starting at actions.” 

- Christine Bense, Plant Manager, Kraft Foods


Case Study

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The challenge

We worked with a group of 15 supervisors and managers from Group Operations at Lloyds Banking Group. The objective was to identify savings exceeding £10 million.

The solution

The group was split into three teams and were equipped with results focused tools and techniques to tackle the challenge and make a difference over a 90 day period.

Three areas were identified and focused on:

  • General cost saving activities across four different Lloyds locations and 2500 staff
  • Improving processes for handling calls coming into various contact centres
  • Improving processes for handling incoming post

After 90 days the teams had identified ways to save a combined £15 million for the Bank. £300,000 of which was implementable immediately.

A Group Sponsor commented after the programme;

“I want little armies of my people with these skills across my business.”


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