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13 questions for change


13 specially designed questions by our leader in organisational change


We know that the quality of your thinking will be influenced by the quality of the questions that you ask yourself. The following 13 questions are designed to help you think about how you personally handle change.


The answers to these questions will give you insights into your reactions to change. Also, they will help you to identify actions you might choose to take to manage change more effectively.


When asking yourself these questions it will be helpful to have a current change to focus on. Plus, it will be useful to write down your responses to the questions to clarify your thinking and as a record to look back at when going through change in the future.


1. What are all the changes that I am currently experiencing?


2. How much of this change can I influence?


3. How well do I adapt to change?


4. When I have reacted adversely to change what have been the reasons for this?


5. When I have reacted positively to change what have been the reasons for this?


6. What things could I possibly do to help me adapt quicker to change? (And, for more high quality helpful questions on accelerating your results, check out last week's article here.)


7. Who could possibly provide me with some individual attention at times of change?


8. Who might I need to support through change?


9. What might be different for me and others following any current changes?


10. What could I possibly ask that might help me understand any changes and the reasons for them?


11. What things might I possibly need to communicate to others to help them to adapt to current changes?


12. How could I possibly involve others and myself in aspects of the current change?


13. What key actions will I take to manage change successfully for others or myself?


Remember to note down your answers to clarify your thinking and to capture your thoughts to come back to.


For more high quality questions and insights into managing yourself and your team through change, take a look at our book, “How to save time and money by managing organisational change effectively.”

If you'd prefer to have a chat about how we could help to create and maintain the right mind set for you and your team in order to guarantee a successful transition through change in your organisation, please get in touch.


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