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21 coaching questions that generate endless ideas

Questions that great coaches will ask

21 questions that generate endless ideas


Whatever the topic of your coaching session, a key skill is to help others widen their thinking and generate lots of ideas about how to achieve their goals.


The Go M.A.D.® coaching routeway starts by defining the WHY and the WHAT before moving onto the HOW.


And the HOW starts by generating possibilities before prioritising the actions to take.



Here’s 21 great questions to use or adapt, to push yourself or others to come up with loads of ideas. This list isn’t exhaustive and there’s a multitude of possibility questions you could ask. More options will lead to better actions, which will lead to better results.


  1. What possible tasks might need completing?
  2. What else could you possibly do?
  3. What possible things could help you?
  4. How could others possibly help you?
  5. What could you possibly learn from others that might help?
  6. How could you possibly gain or involve the expertise you require?
  7. What are you possibly taking for granted?
  8. What have others possibly done that could be of help to you?
  9. What might you possibly do today that will help you move towards your goal?
  10. What possible factors outside your control might impact on your success?
  11. How could you possibly have influence on these factors?
  12. What possible contingencies could you plan for?
  13. What could others possibly contribute?
  14. How could you possibly let others know the reasons you are pursuing this goal?
  15. How could you possibly influence others to help you?
  16. What could be possible risks in this situation?
  17. How could you possibly minimise these risks?
  18. What assumptions might you possibly be making?
  19. What else?
  20. Who else?
  21. How else?

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