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21 tips for taking action and achieving more

Quick tips on taking the final step to achieving your goal

21 tips for taking action and achieving more


Goals won’t be achieved, and differences won’t be made unless you take action. All the thinking and planning in the world won’t have an impact unless you do something.


Take Action and Measure the Results is the final principle that makes up the Go M.A.D.® Results Framework.



Following the 21 theme in celebration of our 21st year in business, here’s 21 thoughts on taking action and measuring the results. You can also request our eighth  free e-Book, How to guarantee your success , giving you even more tips and ideas.


1) Check back on your reason why. Is it strong enough in relation to other things you've got going on?

2) Assess your self-belief. How confideent are you that your goal is achievable?

3) Review your goal and if needs be, adjust time scales or success measures to increase your self-belief levels.

4) Ensure your goal is written down and crystal clear. Otherwise, how will you know what to measure or when you've got there?

5) Make a start. Decide the first thing you'll do and when, and you'll do it. 



6) Allocate just 1% of your day to making a difference, Each day has 1,440 minutes, 1% will be 14 minutes.

7) Be really focused in that 14 minutes. What will have the biggest impact?

8)  View any setbacks as opportunities to learn. What can you take from it that will help you move forward.

9)  Plan in review. Diariase the time to make sure this happens.

10) Keep focused on your goal and your reason why.



11)  Write a list of your reasons for wanting to make this difference and look at it regularly for added motivation.

12) Go back and do more possibility thinking if you're not making the progress you want.

13) Ask yourself "What Else?", "How Else?" and "Who Else?" to generate more options.

14) Update your priorities and plans as you add tasks, so you have somehting to keep you on track.

15) Celebrate the wins along the way. An action ticked off the list, a new idea. Recognise your successes.

16) Have fun. Enjoy the journey to your goal as well as the end result.



17) Define new goals before achieving the exisiting ones. This gives you something to look forward to.

18) Remember to celebrate the achievement of your goal. Who might you possibly want to achieve in this?

19) Thank the people who have helped you along the way.

20) Do a final review of what went well and what could have gone better, and take forward the learning.

21) Move onto the next thing you want to make a difference about.


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