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7 tips for business leaders accelerating results and enabling change


7 tips for business leaders experiencing organisational change


Looking to achieve results quicker? Have you thought about what you, and your fellow leaders within the organisation, need to have in place to drive results by enabling change?

Here are 7 great tips which can help to accelerate results and enable change:


1. Have an aligned leadership team

If the individuals in your leadership team give different messages about the future or a change that is happening, then how can you expect the rest of your organisation to ‘follow’?


2. Recognise that change won’t happen without a consistent message from the top

People need to know what is happening, what is expected of them, what the ‘new way of doing things’ are and when this needs to be in place.

3. Demonstrate the alignment

There is a need to clearly show that your leadership team have one voice. This involves building belief in your leadership team through the consistency of messages, carrying out of promises and showing support for each other.


4. Assess the level of trust

Improvements in results or implementing change will not happen if your leadership team are not trusted. Trust can easily be lost by a thoughtless action or something said in passing that could easily be misinterpreted. It may appear to be trivial by the person in the leadership team, but still could impact on those watching and listening in the organisation. Never underestimate how closely the leaders in your organisation are observed by others.


5. Build trust in your team

Likewise, if the leaders in your organisation do not trust their teams then change is unlikely to happen. People need to feel empowered to make a difference and to have some say in how this happens.


6. Build trustworthiness

Be aware of how others may perceive you and how they may interpret your actions and words. This is about you actively role modelling what you are saying, coming through on what you are promising, keeping confidences, showing you are competent as a leader and inspiring confidence.


7. Be an advocate

Wherever you sit in your organisation you can be a leader – leading the change or being someone who inspires others to improve performance. For change to work your leadership team and other leaders, including you, need to show full support for the direction in which the organisation is moving. This will be through consistent messaging, actions to support the future vision and remembering this in all interactions both formal and informal. This will be the true test. You may stand up as leader in the workplace, be inspiring and give a clear picture of the future but if you then undermine this in conversations with colleagues, maybe as casual and friendly as those conversations might be, you will have completely undermined your colleagues and reduced trust in you and the organisation.


Here is a quote to think about, as it echoes the thought that leadership can be demonstrated at all levels, and that everyone has the ability to make a difference:

“As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” - Bill Gates


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