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ARTICLE: 4 steps to successfully create a solution focused culture


4 steps to successfully create a solution focused culture


In a world where technology seems to advance and affect our decisions every day, people still remain the most important asset of an organisation. 

Effective systems enable successful business, but it is the people who think most effectively that create the most successful businesses. So many systems exist within organisations these days; performance management systems, communication systems, IT systems, back office process improvement systems.


So, here is a question for leaders: 
"How many ‘thinking’ systems do you have in your organisation?"


Of course the answer is, "As many as you have people."
Are you utilising this asset? Most organisations are not, simply because it is not widely understood what constitutes 'highly effective thinking.' For example, research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that less than 1% of organisations dedicate more than 25 minutes each week to learning.


In this article we explore a series of steps that can and have been followed to create a successful problem solving culture within organisations.
As a result, employee engagement will rise, talent retention will increase and organisational performance will not only improve, but will grow sustainably so long as the culture is role-modelled, maintained and encouraged from the top down.


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