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Brexit: A test in dealing with uncertainty for leaders

Where leaders should start when managing change and uncertainty

With the uncertainty over Brexit continuing, what should you be focusing on as a leader?


You’ll read about having plans, considering contingencies, helping your people to prepare, keeping others motivated and so on. But where’s the best place to start?


Here at Go MAD Thinking we’d suggest you start with yourself. By this we mean, recognising how you’re reacting because of what you’re thinking. It’s about getting your own house, that is your thinking, in order before you start to help others deal with the continuing uncertainty.


This is because what you’re thinking will be influencing the actions you’re taking, including what you’re saying and how you’re coming across to others. To change the actions, you start by changing your thinking, as it is your thinking that leads you to feel and act in a certain way.


And, changing the actions will lead to different results, the results that you want.



So, your thinking will be impacting on the outcomes and the way others around you are reacting because of what you are doing and saying.


When you realise this, the next step is to acknowledge and recognise if what you’re thinking about in this period of uncertainty is helpful or hindering. And, this thinking will be made up of 4 elements: the things you say to yourself, which could be statements about yourself and how you feel about the uncertainty, others and how you think they’re coping or the situation. There’s also questions you ask yourself and where your focus is, either in the past or the future. Have you dealt easily with uncertainty in the past and do you imagine things turning out well or not?



In thinking about the current climate of uncertainty, what possibly are the most helpful:

  1. Things to say to yourself?
  2. Questions to ask yourself?
  3. Things to remember?
  4. Future to imagine?


Brexit: A test in dealing with uncertainty for leaders


Once you’ve got your thinking in the best place, move onto how you can help others with their thinking, rather than jumping straight in at the actions.


Also, remember to be aware that your thinking may change as things move forward and decisions around Brexit are made. Give yourself time to do a stocktake of your thinking and then you can choose if you want to think differently.



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