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Community news - supporting the '50 Fantastic Females' exhibition

Meet our 'Fantastic Female' on display as part of the Hero Project's 50 Fantastic Females exhibition

50 Fantastic Females


The Hero Project’s latest exhibition '50 Fantastic Females' celebrates the Rights of Women Centenary and we’re proud to be supporting it.


We’ve even created a ‘Fantastic Female’ that is on display with the others at the Co-Op in Coalville, Leicestershire.


We named our Fantastic Female ‘Principles of Success’ to reflect the Go MAD® Results Framework and highlight some of the amazing women that have Made A Difference in history and in our lifetime. The women that we chose will have applied all or some of the Go MAD principles to help them make a difference.



‘Principles of Success’ (or Nora as she has been nicknamed!) stands proudly in front of the THINK! Tools that Go MAD Thinking have supported the Hero Project in developing.




The Hero Project have developed the THINK! Tools in partnership with Go MAD Thinking. The THINK! Tools support the Hero Project’s mission to empower young people and children to make their own decisions and equip themselves with the tools to think more effectively.


Our partnership with the Hero Project supports our vision of  'improving the world through better thinking' and helping 100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment by 2023.


Watch this short video to find out more about the Fantastic Females exhibition.




Discover more about the Hero Project and their award winning Fantastic 50 exhibition.


If you’d like to be involved in improving the world through better thinking and helping people have a light bulb moment (or two!) please get in touch. 

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