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Discover why some people succeed and others don't

Explore the Framework for success


Discover why some people succeed and others don't

Here’s an introduction to the Go MAD® Results Framework. A Framework, which if consciously applied will help you make any difference you want. You can use it to work on personal goals, to coach others, to accelerate business results, literally anything. 

How do we know that? 

Because in 1998 we set out to discover:

‘What is the simplest way of explaining the success process that people naturally use when making a difference?’

We interviewed all kinds of people who’d made all sorts of differences, big and small. That might have been doubling the sales turnover for their business, giving up work in the city to start up a charity or giving fantastic customer service. The research identified the seven key success principles that people naturally apply to make a difference. These seven principles link together as a thinking system to form the Go MAD® Results Framework


If this is what people do naturally, it makes sense that if these principles are consciously applied, anyone can make any difference. 

Since 1998, the Framework has helped organisations, teams and individuals to achieve incredible results in areas such as; business improvement, cultural transformation, sporting performance, health and fitness, education and  career management. You name it, the Framework and accompanying tools and techniques can be applied to any difference you want to make. 

Discover why some people succeed and others don't

Let’s find out a bit more about the principles that make up the Results Framework.

Have a strong Reason Why you want to make a difference 

Reason Why is all about your level of passion, excitement and motivation to achieve something. We can have different levels of motivation for the different things we do. Those levels can fluctuate throughout the day, week and year.  We know what it feels like to work on something we’re excited about and we know what it feels like to work on something we are not bothered about!  

To make a difference, check your Reason Why is strong enough in relation to all the other things you’ve got going on in your life. 


Define your goal before starting to make a difference 

That motivation needs to be aligned with and directed towards a goal or something to be achieved. This is about being very clear on where you want to end up. If you have this sorted at the get go, you’re more likely to choose the actions that will get you where you want to be. 

Use our SMART goal template to help you define remarkably clear goals


Have Self-Belief that you can and will make a difference 

Self-belief, the confidence that a goal can be achieved and that you have the ability to do it. Check you have more self-belief than self-doubt in the achievability of the goal. If you’re lacking self-belief you’re unlikely to make the difference you want.  Not to worry though, as you can redefine your goal to something that is achievable or work on your levels of self-belief. 


Now, we start to see the combination of hearts (Reason Why) and minds (Self-Belief) focused on the achievement of the goal (Define Goal). Having these three principles in place forms a strong cornerstone in the Results Framework to move onto how you might achieve what it is you want.


Discover why some people succeed and others don't


Explore possibilities and plan your priorities before taking action to make a difference

Start with possibility thinking. Engage the imagination to generate a huge number of ideas. Prioritise those possibilities – deciding which of those ideas that have been generated are important to the achievement of the goal. Once you’ve done this, plan in the time to make sure you take action.

Thinking possibilities first, then priorities, boosts confidence and motivation as it is now possible to start to see a tangible route to success. 


 Take Personal Responsibility for your actions

We’ve all probably come across those individuals, and we might have been one ourselves, who blame the Organisation and circumstances, saying, "It’s not down to me to make that happen, it’s not my job".  Personal Responsibility is about having the awareness that there are always choices, especially around thinking. It’s about avoiding blame or adopting a victim mind-set when something doesn’t happen. 


Take Action and Measure Results

The six principles introduced so far, give you a strong foundation for success. Now it’s time to do something. All the thinking and planning in the world is wasted if nothing happens. 


Now, we have the complete Go MAD® Results Framework, built with its seven principles and link lines.


Some good news. The likelihood is that when you’re successful you’re applying these principles, so you already know how to use them.

More good news. Now you know how they fit together you can choose to consciously apply them to increase your probability of success.


Take a look at these questions to help you  coach yourself to success. 


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