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Effective questioning to achieve results

How asking the right question at the right time saved a life

How asking the right question at the right time saved a life


Let us introduce you to Paul. Paul is a Team Manager and Master Coach in Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV). Go MAD Thinking, working with the brand name of ThinkOn, have partnered with TEWV to create a cultural change programme.


A programme that is seeing people feeling empowered to problem solve and make decisions. The Master Coaches are pivotal to this as they give people, at all levels within the organisation, the tools to have coaching conversations. 


But, before he was a Master Coach, Paul came across ThinkOn and our tools and techniques in a training session in his organisation. From that session Paul took away some learning that turned out to be momentous for him and family.  


Watch this 90 second video of Paul explaining how asking the right question at the right time was crucial to saving a life.




This story clearly demonstrates the power of questions and how the right question at the right time to the right person can really make a difference. In this case, asking himself the right question. And, what an amazing outcome.


You'll have heard Paul mentioning the coaching cards in the video. These cards help guide you to the right questions to ask. Up until the end of 2018 we can offer you and your organisation a 50% discount on a Light Bulb Moment workshop. In this workshop your people will learn how to use the cards. This could be to coach themselves, others or groups. And, you never know, just like Paul, it might lead to saving a life!


Get in touch to have a chat about a Light Bulb Moment workshop for your organisation and find out more about the differences these workshops are helping  leaders, managers and teams to make. 


Paul and lots of other people in TEWV, other organisations and the community continue to help us in our purpose of 'improving the world through better thinking'. There’ll be more stories to follow of the impact of the differences being made to organisations, individuals, family and friends, customers and the wider community.


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