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Essential thinking for senior leaders managing change

Discover the thinking to lead successful change implementation


Essential thinking for senior leaders managing change


In some organisations it can seem that there’s a big gap between the change that leaders want and what people in the organisation think is possible.

Leaders can see what needs to be done, but it’s the people who implement it, and maybe they simply can’t see the bigger picture. 


Leaders say things like, “This is our vision and mission.”

People react by thinking, “What does that really mean?”

Leaders say, “You’re empowered.”

People think, “But I don’t feel empowered.”

Leaders say, “We need to improve productivity.”

People think and say, “We can’t possibly work any harder.”


And where are the managers in all this? Possibly sitting in the middle. Attempting to work out if they need to give clearer messages to their teams or ask more questions and listen better to understand their leaders.

And what about your customers? Who’s focusing on them, whilst this is going on? Are they getting the attention they deserve?

This might appear to be a negative view, but in some organisations, this can be reality.

And how much is this costing the organisation?

Senior leaders need to get a grip on their role in managing change. Focusing on what needs thinking about to work together successfully to implement change.


Essential thinking for leaders managing change

The Go MAD® Leadership Framework can help with this. It’s a powerful tool for senior leaders who intend to implement change.

It can be used to understand the current reality, diagnose the issues and then develop solutions to create the right environment, conditions and culture for the organisation to thrive.


Using the elements of the Leadership Framework, good starting questions for leadership teams to ask themselves are:

What is the organisational reason for seeking change?

What is the leadership vision?

How strong is the existing culture to support the vision?

How is the vison being communicated to managers responsible for the planning and implementation?

How effective are the goals and objectives being communicated to other people (employees, customers, suppliers etc.) to obtain their commitment?


Essential thinking for leaders managing change

The answers to these questions will help senior teams assess their competence in leading  the change and give the foundation for implementing the change.

This is a quick overview of the Leadership Framework. There are many more questions to be asked to establish that you’re in best place to implement change.

Get in touch to find more about how the Leadership Framework can be used to successfully to implement change or for leadership development.


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