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FREE Coaching Conversations Situational Judgement Assessment


FREE Coaching Conversations Situational Judgement Assessment


We're proud at Go M.A.D.® to offer an abundance of resources, tools and techniques to ensure individuals and organisations get the most from learning and using our methodology.


One of the most important challenges for any organisation that wants to foster a coaching culture is; 

‘Do our people think effectively and help others to think effectively?’

Answering this question is now easier than ever with our new Coaching Conversations Assessment tool.


Coaching Conversations is unique in that it measures an individual’s ability to weigh up real-life situations and decide on the most appropriate ways of handling them. The choices available relate to the 7 Go M.A.D. key principles and are benchmarked against behaviours that underpin successful coaching conversations. An individual’s responses are then compared with a set of ideal answers generated by experts and the report provides an overall score which is broken into three coaching contexts - coaching individuals, teams and self - and the 7 Go M.A.D. key principles.



This Situational Judgement Assessment has been developed by Andy Gilbert, Founder of Go M.A.D. Thinking, and Rob Dominic, Founding Psychologist at Viewpoint Psychology.

This report presents you with an overview of your current coaching ability based solely on the answers provided in the test.

It will then highlight possible competencies/shortfalls in the 7 areas of the framework.

(Go and check out Andy Gilbert's critically acclaimed, "About Coaching" book)


In understanding the results, remember that the GMSJ assessment;

  • Describes rather than prescribes, and therefore is used to open possibilities, not to create obstacles

  • Assumes that all areas of the framework are equally important and can be used by every person

  • Summarises a results framework that has been used all around the world by organisations and individuals of many languages, ages and mental capabilities for over 20 years.

Recommended uses:

  • Support with developing an organisational coaching culture
  • Support with creating individual development plans
  • Clearly identifying learning needs before attending Go M.A.D. Thinking training
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Succession planning - identifying coaching potential in individuals
  • Supporting a coaching or mentoring programm


Whilst still new and generating 'norm' statistics, the Coaching Conversations Assessment is available FREE so don't wait - get up to date on your Coaching skills!


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