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Free e-Book - How to determine what you want and when you want it

Pragmatic steps to leaping into the top 5% of goal definers

How to determine what you want and when you want it


We’re offering our range of e-Books as free resources to help you build your understanding of the Go MAD® Results Framework. Learning the principles of the Results Framework and the supporting tools and techniques will help you make a difference in anything you want, in your personal life and at work.


This e-Book focuses on Define Goal, the second principle of the Go MAD® Results Framework.  


It gives you pragmatic steps that will enable you to leap into the top 5% of goal definers.


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You’ll get tips on defining exactly what it is you want to achieve. You’ll also discover how to increase your self-belief that you can achieve what you want. And, it’ll make your task of deciding your priorities really easy!

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