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Free Resource - Defining SMART Goals

Template and tips to help you create well defined goals


Defining SMART Goals


This is a brief introduction to the SMART goal defining technique. 

Also, you can download a free resource from Go MAD Thinking. An easy to use template that takes you through the steps of defining a SMART goal.

Plus, tips to help you with your thinking when developing SMART goals. 



The SMART goal defining technique is commonly used when you’ve a goal about achieving something that’ll be measured in cost, quantity or time. SMART goals could also include quality measures, if something must be achieved to a certain standard.

SMART goals are great to use for tasks or activities that have definite outcomes and a specific timescale, and that have measures are auditable. It’s a goal you can write in a single sentence. Developing SMART goals will give focus to what you want to achieve. This will increase your probability of achieving what you want.

The SMART acronym is often referred to as best practice for goal defining. It sets out the elements to consider in creating a well defined goal.

Specific – a clear detailed description of the difference to be made

Measurable – what success looks like, in terms of time, quantity, quality or cost

Achievable – belief the goal is within your grasp, that you can make it happen with the available resources and time

Relevant – how this goal fits organisational objectives, personal values and priorities

Timescale – a clear date by when the goal will be achieved

We’ve found that most people have heard of SMART. However, probably under 10% are skilled at writing SMART goals. Make time to practice and work on developing your goal defining skills.



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To help enhance your goal defining skills, download the SMART goal template.


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