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Free Resource - Discover the real cost of change to your organisation

Why it's essential to manage the people issues of change


Discover the real cost of change to your organisation


When thinking about the cost of change, leaders will probably be focusing on the hard numbers. The cost of implementing the change, salary costs, new equipment or premises.


But what about the underlying costs? The costs that arise from forgetting to engage people in the change, from ignoring the potential negative reactions to change? How much could this be costing your organisation?


In his book, ‘How to save time and money by managing organisational change effectively’, Andy Gilbert uncovers the secret of change. That is, for change to be effective ‘transition must happen’.

Transition is the internal process of adjustment that people go through in reacting to change. For the external process of change to be successful, people must reach the acceptance level of the transition process.

You may have come across this in your organisation. A change has been introduced and implemented. But,  days, weeks, months or even years later, some people haven’t really accepted it.

Individuals need to be helped to adapt and accept the change for the change to have the desired impact. These people transition issues should be part of the plans along with the logistics, systems, procedures and physical factors that are to be changed. 

If you’re looking for the business case for this download our free resource on the link below containing a simple calculation to work out the cost of change.

It'll help you to understand the impact you could make if your people could possibly be helped to adapt and accept any changes quicker. For example, within 3 months instead of 6 months.


Find out how much a current change might be really costing you with this free resource.


Discover more in the book: How to save time and money by managing transitional change effectively or contact us for a chat about managing change in your organisation.


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