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Go MAD Thinking - 21 years and still going strong!

Reflections on the advancements of the past 21 years


Go MAD Thinking - 21 years in business and still going strong!

Celebrating our 21st year of being, has led us to reflect on some of the changes we’ve been through. Changes for us as a business and changes that everyone has needed to adapt to. 


“Let’s create positive change on this planet; With either: the hyper sophisticated tools we have, or the mobile device we are” 
 Natasha Tsakos

Staying with the '21 theme' here are 21 things that have moved on from 1997 to 2018:

1.    From Career Strategies to Go MAD
Did you know we originally started out as Career Strategies Ltd back? We made the step to Go MAD in 1999, following our research into what successful people do to make a difference.



2.    Success Process to Results Framework
We set out to find a success process. What we discovered was a Results Framework of seven interlinking success principles. A framework, to help you think in a solution focused way to solve problems and achieve goals.


The Go MAD Results Framework


3.    From Actions and Results to Thinking
Building on the initial research, we quickly realised the key factor in making a difference, is to focus on the thinking. Better results aren’t achieved by changing the actions being taken. The thinking behind the actions needs to change to influence better or different actions to lead to those better results. 


Thinking Actions Results


4.    From Go MAD to Go MAD Thinking
And, a further company name change. Working with clients worldwide we’ve created the tools and methodology to help them develop the thinking to accelerate results and enable change.  Understanding the Thinking Effectiveness Model has helped organisations and individuals to embrace and adopt a solution focused approach.



Go MAD Thinking - 21 years in business and still going strong! Now, some changes in technology…


5.    Cassette tape to CD
Do you remember the days of cassettes? Or maybe you’re too young! But, that’s how all audio was listened to. And, the introductions of CD's was a major step forward.
But, watch this space, according to Neilsen’s end of year music report, cassette tapes are making a bit of a comeback. Who would've ever thought that!



6.    CD to podcasts
Nowadays, most audio content is downloaded and played through your favourite digital device. And, although we do still offer some CD versions, loads of great ideas, tips and tools can be downloaded from our podcasts. We've had nearly 1.2 million downloads so far...

Interestingly, there does still seem to be some interest in older audio technologies as described by composer Christopher Fox. Maybe it's time for a bit of a revival?



7.    Video to DVD
Video had mirrored the progress of audio, moving from tape to DVD. Our first set of videos were released following the initial research, to introduce our findings and the Results Framework.



8.    DVD to online video
And, progress marches on with much of the information and learning we access these days being online. There is a ‘How to…’ video for more or less everything on YouTube. What might you possibly like to learn to do?



9.    Workbook to digital learning
Take a look at our Digital Discovery Programme to find out more. It's free!



10.    Workshops to webinars
People still love face-to-face interaction, however learning is so much more accessible than 21 years ago. The webinars we have run over the years have proved popular. Watch this space for more to come.



Go MAD Thinking - 21 years and still going strong! Some things improve whilst other things change completely…

11.    Books to e-books 
Many people now like to do their reading from the screen with e-books. Look out for our range of e-books that we’ll be updating and releasing again this year. Grab a copy of our first and free e-book now.



12.    Zero to 250,000
Still talking about books. Since writing and publishing our first edition of ‘Go MAD – the Art of Making A Difference’, we’ve written more than other 15 books. They show how the Results Framework can be applied to almost anything and there are now more than 250,00 Go MAD books being in circulation.



13.    Handouts to Apps
How many apps do you have on your phone? A few I'd imagine. Did you know you can now access Go MAD tools and content via an app. To find out more about how your organisation could use this to support Solution Focused Thinking programmes, get in touch with us at



14.    Brochure to website
In 1999 the world wide web was comparatively new. Today, it would be unthinkable not to have a company website, but 21 years ago, most businesses managed with a hard copy brochure. Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it?



15.    Letters to email
Email was around 21 years ago. However, it wasn’t used to the extent of today and you would still get a good deal of post delivered in a week. Apparently, 269 billion emails were sent in 2017 and this is predicted to increase to 319.6 billion in 2021. Wow!




Go MAD Thinking - 21 years and still going strong! The final few...

16.      The advent of social media
21 years ago, the use of social media for businesses to connect with others wasn’t even in it's infancy. Nowadays, 91% of retail brands use social media. And, today, it proves to be a key communication channel. What might not yet have been thought of, that could possibly take social communication to it's next phase?

17.    Clients and more clients
We have worked in 42 countries, delivered thousands of training programmes, supported over 300 customer organisations and indirectly positively affected millions of lives (we estimate around 2 million so far). 

18.    Training courses to 'Results Acceleration Programmes'
Over the years our solutions have moved from on-training delivery to implementing programmes that bring measurable results. Individuals and teams create focused goals and work on 60 or 90 day challenges ensuring impact is made on the bottom line.  

19.    Consultancy to Licensing
We're frequently finding that organisations we work with want the freedom to implement the Go MAD Thinking tools and methodology themselves without ongoing consulting costs. Hence, the freedom licence allowing full use of our intellectual property. For more information email

20.    From personal effectiveness to universal application 
When we conducted the initial research, the focus was on how individuals made a difference. Therefore, as we started out on our journey the main application was at a personal level. Since 1998 the number of ways and the variety of uses of the Results Framework and supporting tools has dramatically grown. We categorise these under four headings:

-    Helping you to think (personal effectiveness)
-    Helping others to think (coaching)
-    Helping teams to think (projects, meetings and team development)
-    Helping organisations to think (leadership's thinking and cultural transformation)  

21.    Last, but not least – our looks have changed!
And, we’ve all grown older ...


Andy Gilbert, founder of the Go M.A.D. methodology

As we kick off celebrating our 21st year, we want to send our thanks and appreciation to all those who’ve helped us to make a difference in the world. Here’s to the next 21 years of Making A Difference!


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