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High Quality Questions to help you achieve success

21 great questions to ask yourself or others


High Quality Questions to help you achieve success

Continuing to celebrate our 21st year in business, we’re staying with the 21 theme.

Here’s a list of 21 High Quality Questions

These are questions to ask yourself or others. They take you around the Go MAD® Results Framework. The Results Framework gives you seven key principles, which if applied will greatly increase your probability of success.

Working on the premise that anyone can make a difference, answering these questions will enable you to create a plan to go away and make happen.

Start by thinking about something you want to make a difference about. Ask yourself the questions, make a note of the answers and go for it!

1. What specifically do you want to achieve and by when?

2. How exactly will you measure the difference when you have made it?

3. What is your defined goal in a single sentence? 

4. How strong is your reason for wanting to achieve this in comparison with other things happening in your life?

5.    How achievable do you believe this goal to be? 

6.    What are some of the possible things you could do to help you achieve this goal?

7.    What reasons might there be to involve others?

8.    Who could you possibly involve?

9.    How could you possibly communicate your goal to others to get their support?

10.    How might you possibly get buy-in from others to your goal?

11.    What possible obstacles might you encounter?

12.    What possibly risks or implications might be useful to consider?

13.    How could you possibly overcome any obstacles and minimise any possible risks?

14.    What possible assumptions or self-imposed limitations might get in the way of achieving your goal?

15.    What are the most important things to consider or do from the possibilities you have generated?

16.    What will you specifically do and when?

17.    How achievable do you believe your original goal to be?

18.    How strong is your desire to achieve this goal?

19.    Are you prepared to be accountable for achieving this goal?

20.    What time will you set aside to achieve your priorities?

21.    What will you do first?

If you’ve answered all these questions you will have a defined measurable goal. You’ve checked you have the motivation and self-belief to make it happen. Having generated loads of ideas, you’ve prioritised and have a plan. Now it’s the time to take action and measure the results. 


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