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How do you measure your self-belief?

Discover how self-belief impacts on results


How do you measure your self-belief?


Why bother thinking about your levels of self-belief? Because it influences the actions you take, which in turn impact on the outcomes.


“Your thinking affects your beliefs, your beliefs affect your capability, your capability affects your actions, your actions affect your results.”

Andy Gilbert, from the book, ‘Go MAD – The Art of Making a Difference'


So, how do you measure your self-belief?

By listening to the voice in your head.

What is your voice in your head saying?


This voice in your head is your thoughts. And, it’s reckoned that on average we talk to ourselves every 11 seconds. If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t!’, well you just have.

It’s useful to deconstruct this thinking. It can be broken down into four elements. The things you say to yourself and the questions you ask. Plus, where your focus is, either the in the past or in the future.


The statements shown on the Thinking Effectiveness Model could be about yourself, others or the situation you’re in. You will be remembering things that relate to whatever you're thinking about, as well as imagining how things might turn out. And, there will be questions to mull over.

When you catch yourself thinking, whichever element it falls into, they key thing to ask yourself is, ‘Is this helpful or hindering?’

This will determine your level of self-doubt or self-belief in whatever it is you’re thinking about. This could be about, a decision to made, a problem to tackle, things you want to make happen or something else. What you do next will be influenced by your thinking.


How do you measure your self-belief?


The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to build your self-belief.

The first step is to catch yourself thinking and recognise if your thoughts are helpful or hindering. It’s important to acknowledge that it’s perfectly okay to have hindering thoughts, it’s what you then choose to do with them. You have a choice. Do you want to choose to turn them into something more helpful?

Another tip. When you recognise you are having some hindering thoughts ask yourself helpful questions. This will stimulate your brain to come up with some great answers that will help you to move forward.


Finally, what’s going on in your head right now?


"Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love."

Brené Brown


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