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How effective is your leadership team?

Key questions on leadership responsibility

How effective is your leadership team?


When thinking about leadership responsibility what comes to mind? Is it about the personal responsibility that leaders demonstrate in being accountable? Or, could the focus be on tough decisions that have to be made?

Quite often emphasis is given to individual leadership skills rather than the collective effectiveness of the whole leadership team. This applies to leadership teams at all levels throughout the organisation.

Back in 1998, when we did the original research into ‘Making a Difference’, it was perhaps a forgone conclusion that personal responsibility would be one of the key principles essential to achieving success.

After all, differences aren’t going to be made unless someone is prepared to take responsibility to make things happen. And, to be committed to the goal, whilst being accountable for success or failure.

Likewise, leaders will take Personal Responsibility for their actions, their own development and the things they are accountable for.

But, what about collective leadership responsibility?

The Go M.A.D.® Leadership Framework builds on the principles of the original Go M.A.D.® Results Framework, giving you a thinking system for your whole leadership team.


The Leadership Framework can help your leadership team with their thinking when planning or reviewing vision, strategy or change. It can be used to understand the current reality, diagnose the issues and then develop solutions. This framework is specifically useful for leadership teams to hold up as a mirror to ask questions of themselves about how effectively they are working.


Key questions for your leadership team

At the heart of the Leadership Framework is Leadership Responsibility. If a strategy or change is going to be successfully implemented, it’s the responsibility of your leadership team to put in place the infrastructure, processes and enablers to manage both the task and the people side of transition.

Here are five key questions for your leadership team to ask and answer as a team. The answers will surface different perspectives and form a basis for ensuring an aligned team.


1. What does leadership responsibility mean to us?

2. How will we tangibly know when we are demonstrating leadership responsibility?

3. What might we possibly want to adopt or change in our behaviours as a leadership team to demonstrate a strong unified approach?

4. How will we work as a leadership team to help the organisation and each other achieve the goals?

5. Are we ALL prepared to take responsibility for role modelling the style of leadership we wish to see in this organisation to support the desired culture?


If your leadership team can get clarity around these answers, they can then move onto focusing on the other areas of the Leadership Framework. Take a moment to think about possible questions around your organisation’s vision, people, culture, reason why and management thinking.

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