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How motivated are you to change?

Discover if you have a strong enough Reason Why to change


How motivated are you to change?

Imagine a scene from an American movie, set in an old mid-western town. There’s a house with a large wooden porch and a rocking chair for grandpa. It’s a hot sunny day and a dog whines, but nobody takes much notice. Another dog walks by and hears the whining.


“What’s the matter? Why are you whining?” asks the passing dog.

“I’m lying on a nail and it hurts,” replies the first dog.

“Well why don’t you do something about it?”

“It doesn’t hurt enough.”


“Every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


How many whining dogs have you met? Those who talk about what they want to achieve, yet haven’t got a strong enough reason why to do anything? Sometimes, with some people in some organisations, it seems that they’re lying on some form of nail. In most of these cases, these whining dogs could choose to make a difference by:

  • changing the situation around them
  • changing the way they think about it
  • living with it (in which case, stop whining!)
  • or by leaving.


How motivated are you to change?


Changing the situation isn’t always possible. Sometimes it can’t be changed. But, if it can be changed are you motivated enough to do something about it?

What about changing yourself? Changing the way you’re responding to the situation. You could choose to focus on finding something good in the situation. You could choose to develop a more positive response to it. You could choose to appreciate the importance of it. You could choose to recognise you have choices.

If you choose to live with it, you choose to stop whining about it.

The ultimate choice is to move away from the situation and find one that is more enjoyable for you.


How motivated are you to change?


When the reason is strong enough, you’ll do what’s necessary.  Reasons are the fuel behind a goal. Without them, you might not even make a start, never mind start moving forward.

So, with goals you want to achieve or things you want to change remember to check your reason why. Is it strong enough to give you the motivation to keep going? Is it strong enough for you to change?



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