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How passionate is your leadership team?

Ensuring people understand the thinking behind the vision

How passionate is your leadership team?


Crucial to making a difference, whatever that might mean to you, is to have a driving passion for what you want to achieve. We call this having a strong Reason Why, which is one of the key principles of the Go MAD® Results Framework.

At an individual level this is your motivation, the thing that will keep you moving forward with your goals. It’s useful to acknowledge that at times the strength of your Reason Why will vary depending on what you have going on. Something at work might seem the most important thing, and you’ve an exceptionally strong reason to get it completed. Then something else comes along, perhaps an emergency at home. Now this is the thing you have the strongest Reason Why to focus on and your motivation for the work task or goal that previously seemed most important will dip.

Let’s take a step on in our thinking and look at this from an organisational viewpoint. Everyone in the organisation will still have their individual reasons to work on their personal goals and performance objectives. At the same time, as shown in the Go MAD® Leadership Framework, the organisation will have overriding reasons why for the specific focus of organisational aims and goals.



The Leadership Framework shows how the Organisational Reason Why is linked to the Vision. This demonstrates the internal and external motivators that drive where the organisation wants to be, which is likely to involve some sort of change.

These drivers might include rising costs, poor engagement, restructuring, new processes, the need for increased innovation, new working practices, the economic climate, increased competitor activity, customer satisfaction, legislative changes, technological advances or environmental standards.

Communication about the Vision needs to include this background information about the Organisational Reason Why. It’ll help people accept and adapt to change if they understand what’s driving it. It’s amazing how many organisations will communicate what the change is but miss out why the change is happening.


3 key things to think about in your leadership team when focusing on the Organisational Reason Why:

  1. Work out how this can be clearly communicated to people. How clear are they on not just what the Vision is, what the changes are, but also the reasons behind it? How clear are you on this?
  2. Consider the possibilities as to why people would choose to buy-into the Vision or changes. What is their personal Reason Why to be involved and how could this be acknowledged and utilised in communication?
  3. Ask questions within the leadership team about the levels of passion for the vision or the drive for change. If the leaders aren’t passionate about it, why expect others be?


5 questions for your leadership team to ask each other about the Organisational Reason Why.

  1. What are the organisational reasons for the current vision?
  2. What is the strongest reason?
  3. What is expected to change to achieve the vision?
  4. How could these reasons possibly be communicated in a way that makes sense to others in the organisation?
  5. How could you as a leadership team show your passion in line with the Organisational Reason Why?


For more tips to help you with your thinking:

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