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How to achieve more in less time

7 ways to expand your thinking to reach your goals

How to achieve more in less time


"When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?"

Thomas Hood

 The success or failure of achieving what you want could depend on how good you are at involving others. And, not just by allocating or delegating work, but by doing some thinking up front to ensure the right people are involved at the right time.

Here’s some thoughts on how you could choose to expand your thinking about involving others to help you achieve more in less time.

  1. Think laterally. It’s natural to start with the people you know which may be colleagues, friends or family. However, if you were a bit more creative you could most likely identify people who could add real value to the things you want to achieve. They could add an extra dimension, some expertise or even some time. You can then think about how you might get their buy-in to help.

  1. Consider people you don't know. The six degrees of separation concept suggests that between you and anyone else in the world that you’d like contact with, there are no more than six relationships. That’s, six degrees of separation between you and them. So, the question to ask yourself is ‘Who do I possibly know who might possibly know somebody else, who possibly knows this person I'd like to connect with?’ Then follow that train of thought to think through how you could possibly get an introduction to that person.

  1. Access the expertise of others. Expand your thinking about what involving others means. This is where some lateral thinking comes in. What books could you read, videos could you watch, audio could you listen to or information could you find that might give you the knowledge you need to move forward?

How to achieve more in less time

  1. Identify the people you once knew. You could choose to recall the advice, guidance or expertise given by a previous manager or colleague. You may not be in touch with them now, but their words of advice may still be relevant.  Perhaps somebody within your family had a habitual saying or wise words that has stood you in good stead ever since.

  1. Use your imagination. Who in history might possibly inspire you? Which superheroes characteristics do you admire? What could you possibly learn from cartoon characters? What insights from famous people might possibly help?  How might this help you to move forward with the things you want to achieve? All this can be captured through creative thinking about who you might possibly involve. And, then you can then determine how you’ll use this information.

  1. Look for role models. Who do you know who’s great at the things you want to do. Or, who’s achieved the things you want to?  Work out or ask them how they think, what this then leads them to do, their confidence levels and the abilities they demonstrate. You can then decide how you could possibly put these things into practise.

  1. Create a Mastermind Board. This is an imaginary group of people you might choose to consult in situations where you want to achieve something. You might use them for ideas or to help you think about actions to take. You can have anyone on your Mastermind Board whether they’re alive or not, real or fictional and you don't need to personally know them. There may be several reasons for choosing someone for your Mastermind Board. For example: you might choose a great thinker from history, a business leader, someone you consider to be creative, a fictional character you admire or someone you have worked with whose advice you valued. What might they possibly think, say, do or what advice might they give you?

These techniques will widen your thinking about who you could possibly involve. Then it’s time to do some thinking and planning about how to get them involved and bought into whatever you want to achieve.


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