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How to create great goals

21 tips to ensure your goals are on track


How to create great goals


We’re still celebrating our 21st year of being in business. Continuing with the 21 theme, here’s 21 quick tips to help you when defining goals.


1. Focus goals on what you want, not what you don’t want.

2. Set a date for when you will have decided what you want if you aren’t sure now.

3. Imagine you know what you want. Ask yourself: ‘If I did know what I wanted to achieve, what might that possibly be?’

4. Choose the appropriate goal defining technique to suit your goal.

5. Be specific, aims are vague, goals are detailed.

6. Relate the goals to a strong Reason Why. This will help you to be motivated to work towards the desired outcome.

7. Check that there’s the Self-Belief that the goal can be achieved. If not redefine the measurement criteria, extend the timescales or define a different goal.

How to create great goals

8. Make sure they’re relevant and worthwhile. Either to you personally or to correlate with organisational goals.

9. Put timescales in place on all goals. Use exact dates as in, dd/mm/yy to give focus. 

10. Imagine your goal will be audited on the exact date you’ve specified. What evidence could you provide?

11. Avoid comparisons to others, focus on individual achievement, not what others are doing.

12. State the ‘what’ not the ‘how’. You’ll look at possible ways of achieving your goals once they’re clearly defined.

13. Ensure there’s accountability for the goal.

14. Make sure goals are in harmony with other goals.

How to create great goals

15. Divide bigger goals into sub-goals. Having wins along the way is great for motivation and keeping up momentum.

16. Use short term time frames as well as longer time frames.

17. State in the present tense for maximum impact.

18. Keep momentum by defining new goals when you’re nearly at the stage of achieving current goals.

19. Write them down and they’re more likely to be achieved. And, write them in a single sentence. If there’s an ‘and’ in your goal you’ve probably got two goals.

20. Keep your goals visible to maintain focus and have them in the forefront of your mind.

21. Review your goals regularly. Track progress and amend if necessary.


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