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How to create helpful grooves in your mind


How to create helpful grooves in your mind


‘Grooves’ are created in your mind by thinking the same thoughts over and over again. The more you do this, the deeper the groove, which can lead to it becoming a habit.

Some of these grooves could be helpful to you and some could be hindering. The good news is that you can work to change the hindering ones. The trick is to replace any hindering grooves with more helpful ones.


This activity helps you to work on any hindering grooves you would like to replace.

  • Grab yourself a pen and paper and draw a line down the middle of the page


  • Start by listing three or four of your hindering grooves on the left hand side of the page. To help to identify these grooves, think about the times you have the most hindering thoughts.


  • Next, decide what would be more helpful to say to yourself and note this in the right hand side of the page. Rather than going from one extreme to another in replacing hindering grooves, ensure the helpful statements are believable to you.


So, you might not go straight to “I’m amazing at...” or “I’m the best in the world at...”
Remember to phrase the helpful statements about what you want to achieve.

(For access to more high quality questions that will help influence your thinking, particularly through change, check out last week's article here.)

Think about how you could possibly remind yourself to rephrase hindering thoughts into helpful statements as quickly as possible in order to 'buck the trend' and get on your way towards being more solution focused.


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