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How to increase productivity in an organisation

A proven method to engage people in improving business productivity


How to increase productivity in an organisation


Personal productivity doesn’t seem to be ‘cool’ at the moment. Self-managed, bite-sized learning is ‘in’, so how do you engage your people in continually improving their performance and that of the business?

How about finding out how to create true competitive advantage and make it sustainable?


It’s simple. Here’s how to do it:

First, you call the three most successful people you know and ask them a series of questions to find out exactly what they did to become successful. If you have a good enough relationship with these people, maybe they’ll tell you their secrets. Once you’ve finished gathering information on their thoughts, actions and success habits, you ask one final question: “Who could you introduce me to that you believe has successfully made a difference?”

How to increase productivity in an organisation

Next, lead a team of 8 people to continue the research interviews for the next 14 months. Once you’ve spent 4000 hours analysing the video footage and audio recordings, then distilling the data this should lead you to discovering, ‘the simplest way of explaining the key success principles that people naturally apply when making a difference.’ With this universal explanation in hand, you’ll need to test it across different; ages - from 8-82, industries (20 should do), countries (at least 40, including every continent to ensure cultural fit), and all levels within a business – from the most junior to board level.


To make sure the ‘System for Success’ you’ve created is bullet-proof, you’ll offer cash rewards for anyone that can find holes in it. This all takes time and resource, but remember you’re seeking to develop a powerful productivity toolkit that you and ALL your people can use, forever!

How to increase productivity in an organisation

Once you’ve trialled and tested your system with individuals and teams (preferably in over 200 organisations - ensuring it is compatible with all other continuous improvement methodologies), you will want to produce resources so you can share it as fast and as wide as possible with your people. We recommend writing at least 10 books about how your proven system can be applied to improve personal and team productivity, used as a problem solving and coaching framework, accelerate organisational change, stop boring and ineffective meetings, develop leaders, increase sales and reduce wasteful inefficiency. Many people prefer to ‘listen to books’ these days, so it’s a good idea to create an audio library of 250 podcasts and 30 video programmes that your people can watch too. You should also develop a virtual coaching app to provide nudges and 24/7 fingertip access to key tools and content.


Then, with a series of carefully designed programmes to embed your system, you’ll be able to engage your people in responding to today’s challenges and create a distinct competitive advantage in the way your people think differently to achieve award-winning results.

How to increase productivity in an organisation

However, if you don’t want to wait that long or invest millions in researching and developing your new system for success, simply ask one of our Thinking Engineers for The Go MAD® Results Framework. It’s yours instantly and we’ll show you how to share it with everyone in your organisation in a way that pays for itself multiple times over. Go MAD Thinking® has the systems, the experience and the tools to develop the people and accelerate the results of any organisation in the world, and has been doing it since 1997. No one ever regretted following a proven system for success.


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