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How to influence others to help you make a difference

21 questions to kick start your thinking

How to influence others to help you make a difference


You may have noticed a 21 theme in some of our bogs. It’s because we’re celebrating our 21st business birthday this year and would like to give you lots of ideas, questions and tips to help you with your thinking. Hopefully some of these will spark a Light Bulb Moment that leads you to make a difference for yourself or others at work or in the wider community.


No-one makes a difference without involving others. Well, it’s highly unlikely. And, when asking others to help you’ll need to get their buy-in. Here’s 21 questions to get you thinking about how you might possibly do this. The aim of some of the questions is to open your mind and others to focus your mind. You don’t have to ask yourself all 21 questions. Pick the ones that are right for you.



How to influence others to help you make a difference

  1. What are their motives for action?
  2. What are their similar or conflicting goals?
  3. What is their level of belief likely to be about the achievability of your goal?
  4. What is their level of self-belief about their own ability?
  5. How have you helped them to achieve goals?
  6. What possibly might be their perception of you?
  7. What does what you want to achieve look, sound and feel like, from their perspective?
  8. How could you possibly express the importance of your goal in the way you speak?
  9. How could you possibly inspire others?
  10. How could you possibly make others feel important?
  11. How will you explain why you’d like them to be involved?
  12. How could you possibly communicate the benefits of the difference you want to make?
  13. What interpersonal skills or personal attributes might be useful for you to develop?
  14. How could you avoid ‘telling’ them they ‘have’ to be involved?
  15. How could you possibly show that you value their contribution?
  16. How could you possibly invite their opinions, ideas and suggestions?
  17. How prepared are you to redefine your goal to gain their support?
  18. What could you do to treat others how they like to be treated?
  19. How might you possibly align the difference to be made with their personal values?
  20. How will you know that you have got buy-in?
  21. How could you possibly share the credit for your success with others?



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