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Improve your thinking to improve your results

Different thinking leads to different actions and different results

Improve your thinking to improve your results


Hear how moving from a traditional way of working to different thinking, by taking a solution focused approach helped to generate £1.5 million in additional funding to help make improvements to services. 


Go MAD Thinking, working with the brand name of ThinkOn have partnered with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) to create a cultural change programme.


As part of this we work with the Executive Management Team to help them with their thinking. In this short video, Executive Director of Nursing and Governance, Elizabeth Moody, explains  how the Exec Team went from not having a shared understanding of a  problem to gaining clarity and generating hundreds of possibilities to move things forward. These ideas were then prioritised and turned into an action plan.


This involved a move from the usual way of doing things to a different way of thinking, leading to different results and the identification of an additional £1.5m funding p.a. for more Registered Mental Health Nurses in Inpatient services. The impact being improved effectiveness and safety on the wards and better care for patients.





Elizabeth’s Light Bulb Moment was realising that finding the right questions would generate the thinking needed to get the desired results.


What might possibly be the right questions to ask in your organisation at this time to lead to different thinking to lead to better results?


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“The Trust is seeking to continually improve and a big part of that is around engaging our staff and helping them to find their own solutions to problems. Introducing the Results Framework and the Solution Focused thinking methodology has been the catalyst for this at all levels within the organisation, right up to the Executive Management Team. Ultimately, this is to ensure we deliver the best possible care for our service users. We are now seeing the ripple effect of introducing these tools internally and how our improved thinking is now positively impacting on the care we give.”

Elizabeth Moody

Executive Director of Nursing & Governance - TEWV


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