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Introducing the Hero Project - our community partner

We have partnered with the award winning Hero Project to reach more people & help them have Light Bulb Moments

We’ve mentioned our work with community groups and we’ve been involved with The Hero Project for a little while now.


The Hero Project is a community interest company run by Deana Wildgoose & Julia Burkin aimed at connecting people, igniting passions and developing partnerships in their community. They’re particularly passionate about supporting young people and giving them the tools to shape their thoughts about themselves and their future.


The Hero Project have developed the THINK! Tools in partnership with Go MAD Thinking. The THINK! Tools support the Hero Project’s mission to empower young people and children to make their own decisions and equip themselves with the tools to think more effectively.



The THINK! Tools have been used in local schools and colleges helping children as young as 5 years old to define goals, involve others, think in possibilities and put their plans in to action.

Here are a couple of the THINK! Tools in action!



Our partnership with the Hero Project supports our vision of  'improving the world through better thinking' and helping 100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment by 2023. 


The Hero Project engage their local community through exhibitions. Their award-winning 'Famous 50' exhibition drew in 6,000 people and inspired their next project '50 Fantastic Females' which we’re delighted to be a part of.


Read more about our involvement in the ’50 Fantastic Females’ exhibition.


Find out more about the Hero Project and their exhibitions.


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