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Is your thinking stopping you from achieving your goals?

5 steps to taking responsibility for making things happen

5 steps to taking responsibility for making things happen!


When you think about the word ‘opportunity’ what springs to mind? The oxford dictionary defines it as, ‘a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something’. But, do you want to wait around for the circumstances to be right for you to achieve the things you want? Or, do you want to take personal responsibility to go out and create the opportunities that help you to reach your goals?


Let’s look at the different ways to think about opportunities.


You could DENY there are any opportunities out there. Perhaps actively blame others, or the situation for there not being any. Maybe even attempt to encourage others to join in complaining about how things are.


You could choose to IGNORE the opportunities that are presented to you. This might mean you consider yourself to be a victim.



OR you could think in a different way to; realise and understand your choices, choose how you respond to circumstances and choose what you will do.


This shift in thinking could ensure that you TAKE opportunities that are presented. But, is this enough? To take opportunities? How could you possibly take more personal responsibility to ensure you achieve your goals, make things happen and make a difference?


You could take it up a level and SEEK opportunities. This is about being proactive and going out to find those opportunities to make a difference.


And, if in seeking opportunities you don’t find them, you have the option to CREATE them. Being determined and making things happen when things aren’t going as you want.


If we relate this to wanting to make a career change, it might go like this:

  • Deny - “There are no jobs out there.”
  • Ignore - “I’ll leave if there’s a job out there for me/none of the jobs are suitable for me.”
  • Take - “I’ve seen the advert, I’m going to apply.”
  • Seek - “I need to network with others in the area/role I want to move into.”
  • Create - “I’m going to set up my own business.”


Taking Personal Responsibility lies at the heart of the Go MAD® Results Framework. It’s one of seven success principles to be applied when a making a difference whatever that difference might be.



It might be useful to choose to take some time to reflect on how you think about opportunity. Do you have a habitual viewpoint? Or, it could be that at different times you move along the whole spectrum between denying and creating opportunities.


3 things to think about:

1)  What have you done recently to create opportunities to move forward with your dreams or goals?

2) What’s getting in the way of you seeking or creating opportunities for yourself?

3)  Are you prepared to take personal responsibility to make things happen?


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