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Making a Difference in the community

21st birthday celebrations continue!

Making a Difference in the community - latest news


We let you know that we were putting together a programme for individuals involved in charity or community work. This is part of our giveaway to celebrate 21 years of Go MAD Thinking.


Also, the programme is another step in helping us to achieve our purpose of 'improving the world through better thinking’.  We’re doing this by helping 100 million people to have Light Bulb Moments, from which 1000 humanitarian projects will develop.

This Solution Focused Thinking programme was specifically aimed at supporting projects that Make A Difference in the community or for the greater good.



It was fantastic to work with a great bunch of people who went away from the programme with fresh thinking about how to continue to make a difference. A wide range of community work was represented including; rehabilitation for cancer survivors, working with people with learning disabilities, environmental impact and international work to eradicate polio.



We’re looking forward to hearing about the progress of their goals and plans. We’ll tell you more about their projects and how they’re getting on as they progress.



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If you’re interested in finding out how you could help with our purpose, however big or small, please get in touch.

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