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Making the world a brighter place

Light Bulb Moments spreading across the world

As we come to the end of our 21st year in business, we'd like to share a story with you. A story that gets right to the heart of what we're about as a business - that is, improving the world through better thinking.


This is the story of Brandon Warren, who was introduced to Solution Focused Thinking by his mentor Caleb Klamen. Caleb came across Go MAD Thinking a few years ago when we ran a programme for his organisation in the United States.


Caleb recognised the value of the Go MAD Thinking methodology and passed Brandon one of our books,  ‘Go MAD – The Art of Making a Difference’Brandon used his learning from the book to help him with his thinking when setting up ‘We LIVE’, an organisation dedicated to deterring and preventing youth violence across the United States.


The first we knew about this was when we received a video of Brandon in an email from Caleb. He wanted to let us know the impact of passing on his learning to others. We were excited and inspired to hear how applying Solution Focused Thinking supported Brandon in making a difference, not just for himself but for many others.


Here's Brandon to tell you more...




So, without us knowing, Light Bulb Moments are happening on the other side of the world and moving us towards our vision of:


Our 2023 Vision

To help 100 million people have a Light Bulb Moment


Our 2028 Vision

To be the catalyst for at least 1000 humanitarian projects


Our passion is to improve people’s lives in workplaces, homes and communities by spreading and embedding the use of Solution Focused Thinking.


We love hearing about your Light Bulb Moments and the differences being made. If you’re reading this and have a story to tell about how Solution Focused Thinking has helped you, others, your organisation, team, family or community then please let us know.


Our mission is to build partnerships with people and organisations who are passionate about helping people succeed and make a positive difference. If you share this passion then please give us a call and let's start building!


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